Full Moon Manifestation

Full Moon Affrimation:

“I now release the need for those things in my life that are not serving my highest good. In their place, I receive love, joy and abundance.” -Healing Energy Tools

In an effort to connect with my highest self, I’ve been focussed on the power of manifestation. Jan 28th 2021 marked the first full moon of the year. To fully embrace the full moon, I participated in a virtual full moon manifestation event, releasing what was no longer meant for me.

The full moon has the power to manifest what we want but we first must give up what’s no longer working. Releasing all that’s weighing us down.

This requires getting real with yourself, aligning with your true self.

To help you along the way, here’s a step by step guide to manifesting what you want:

1.) Light some candles and sage, opening the windows to allow positive energy to flow through your domain.

2.) Set your intentions by writing them in a journal. Write out what you plan to manifest and what you want to release.

3.) Set fire to the paper of things you are releasing.

4.) Place the paper with your manifestations under the candle you lit for manifestation.

5.) Make a list of ways to help you achieve your manifestation goals.

6.) Meditate on it.

7.) Free your mind of any clutter, doubt and negative self-talk.

8.) The morning after your full moon ritual, continue to focus on your manifestation goals, leaving people and things behind that get in the way of it.

9.) Release toxic energy

10.) Say no to things that no longer bring you joy, as you focus on manifesting all things that do.

That’s all for now, stay true to yourself, until next time,

-your Goddess Guru

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