What is there to be thankful for in a pandemic?

This year seems to be filled with more negatives than positives, the only positives being the number of rising COVID cases around the world. Let’s take a moment to reflect a bit this Thanksgiving shall we?

If you have your health, you have more to be grateful for than you realize, especially during an unprecedented pandemic. Can we stop for a minute to talk about how much I hate the word unprecedented? It seems like every news agency has used it in order to make sense of the unimaginable, a virus pandemic but I digress.

A world where we have to be socially distant during the holidays when we are supposed to come together? A world more divided by race and politics, where there is too much hate to have room for love. But maybe, just maybe I, like the rest of the world is looking at the glass half empty as opposed to half full.

Since the start of this pandemic, I have gained an extraordinary appreciation for teachers after having been thrust into the role of teaching at home. The healthcare workers who still manage to prioritize other’s healthcare needs aside from treating those with COVID. Those who are struggling to keep a roof over their head and food on the table while keeping the lights on as we head into chilly uncertain times.

It’s the little things we take for granted. With job uncertainty occurring for everyone, materialistic things become meaningless. The health of our family and friends we treat with the upmost importance.

The pandemic made me look at my life a whole lot differently. I realized the importance of prioritizing my health and wellbeing. I learned how to adapt to change, breaking free of monotony.

I started seeing my kids differently. They are people too, just pint-sized with feelings and emotions. Our creativity began to flourish. We laughed more, danced more and stopped sweating the small stuff.

I realized the importance of play, adventure and embracing everyday like it’s our last. We spend much of our lives living day-to-day as if we have ninety years to live when in reality that’s just not true. The pandemic made me realize just how short life truly is.

For that, I’m grateful. Grateful to live another day. Grateful to laugh and play.

Grateful for the challenges that made me stronger. Grateful for a heart that loves, a brain that thinks and a body in motion. This year I’m grateful for all that I have, all I’ve accomplished and all those ones who’ve stood by my side cheering me along the way.

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