The Goddess Handbook

Welcome to the Goddess Handbook. Your one stop shop to helping you feel beautiful from the inside out.

A little about me:

1.) My mother was Venus, my father was Zeus, and I fell from the sky. I have two earth parents, two earth siblings and two earth children.

2.) I have a cardiac doctor because my heart is abnormal, the doctor’s aren’t sure what is wrong but I do. They haven’t diagnosed me as having a goddess heart yet. 😉

3.) I believe I was sent to this earth with a purpose to change lives, make other feel beautiful and create an impact on this earth.

4.) There you have it, that’s my goddess mission

5.) I will share my goddess tips to help you live your extra goddess life

6.) Anything from fashion, beauty, skin care…to parenting, relationships, self-love, finances and discovering your passion

7.) Come along for the ride and follow along, as we embark on our goddess journey together!

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